The Addiction! by Richard Quinn

Buying and owning Studebakers can be addictive. I became addicted in 1962 with the purchase of a 1940 Champion 2-door sedan. From that day to this I have owned more than 50. I gave up long ago counting. In my case these cars were not originally purchased for show but for every day transportation….and drive them I did for many thousands of miles. It was indeed a rare span when I did not own more than one (you always needs a backup!). Except on rare occasions I did not buy wrecks or inoperable vehicles since I wanted to drive them.

As time passed and the financial picture brightened somewhat I was able to afford another everyday vehicle (Brand X) so the nicer Studebakers would not be have to be subjected to the ravages of the Midwest winters. Of course this necessitated renting of garages.

The shortage of available parts (or at least the anticipated shortage) set off a compulsion to buy up as many spare parts as I could find.

This in turn led to regular trips throughout the country seeking out old Studebaker dealers. I am sure I visited more than a hundred and bought as much as I could afford for that day down the road when these parts would no longer be available.

Eventually the addiction took over my life and I began collecting all the Studebaker literature and historic items that I could find. Items were stored in garages, basements attics and every room of my dwellings. It is fortunate that I chose to remain single, as there was really no room in my life for anyone or anything else.

Being a history teacher by trade the history of Studebaker became a priority and I made regular visits to the home of Studebaker in South Bend, Indiana to interview former employees and to save as many of their memories, both tangible and intangible, as I could. Eventually I would try to record that history by writing. First for the Studebaker Drivers Club (I started in 1972) and later for the Antique Studebaker Club in due course becoming editor for the latter.
My connection with people in South Bend led eventually to my being selected to serve on the board of the Studebaker National Museum. That term lasted for nine years and I am now honored as a life trustee and still make regular trips there.

My current collection of Studebaker vehicles is shown on this page. The nine represents the most I have owned at any one time and I am pleased to report that they are all running and roadworthy.

I am including photos of these with a few lines of explanation. I am certain that I have photographs of most all the cars that I have owned and may post those as time permits. It will be noted that my personal interest is primarily in the immediate pre-WWII era thought I have owned cars as early as 1926 and as late as 1965.



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