Richard Quinn – Mokena, Illinois

Welcome to my website. The primary focus of this site will be Studebaker history covering the period from 1852 thru 1946.However we will also include some selected material from the years 1947 thru 1966. We maintain probably the largest private collection of Studebaker material extant, so much, in fact, that there will be enough space to include a small portion of it on this site. This master collection includes a huge volume of original factory photographs, sales material, numerous company publications as well as pins, buttons and all manner of dealer trinkets and memorabilia.

The Studebaker Wheel name that has been selected for this site is taken from a magazine by that title that the corporation first published in February 1926. It was mailed on a regular schedule to Studebaker owners and prospects from names supplied by the company’s far-flung dealer network. During its nearly 30 years of publication it received a great deal of critical acclaim and at its peak in the early 1930’s was being circulated to over one million people. Due to the quality of its composition and the interesting diversity of its content, and because it spanned the better part of the era we are covering it was thought to be a suitable name for our little endeavor.

I have been collecting Studebaker vehicles and associated material on the company since 1962, owned more that 50 Studebaker cars and trucks, written for the Studebaker Drivers Club Turning Wheels for over 35 years and edited the Antique Studebaker Review for over 18 years. I have also written numerous articles for independent publications like Collectible Automobile. In addition I have served on the board of directors of the Studebaker National Museum for more than ten years and am currently a life trustee.

In the past 20 or so years I have had reproduced several hard to get Studebaker items including hub caps, mirrors and miscellaneous ornaments. These can be found in the for sale section. Also available is authentically replicated window price stickers for most all Studebakers cars and trucks from 1931-1966. See this special category at left for the samples and details.

I would be happy to answer any questions relevant to Studebaker history, so if there is something you are curious about and
cannot find it in any other Studebaker related sites drop me an email. Hope you enjoy the site. Suggestions are welcome.